Working in Switzerland

As an employee from an EU country, you can easily take up employment in Switzerland. Within the framework of a job placement, we will gladly assist you with the necessary formalities.

Simplified procedures for EU citizens

In principle, citizens of the EU have the right to work in Switzerland for 90 days per year. The residence permit for this form of employment can be obtained directly from Stellendienst Schweiz AG. Citizens of the EU-17/EFTA states can also work longer in Switzerland. They can apply for a residence permit at the Residents’ Registration Office by presenting the signed employment contract. The residence permit is then also the permit to work. For citizens of other countries
partially deviating conditions. People who work in Switzerland pay part of their wages into the social security system. This provides appropriate insurance cover for accidents, disability, unemployment, etc. Private insurance for the event of illness is also compulsory in Switzerland. The insurance premium must be paid separately, irrespective of salary. Are you interested in a job in Switzerland? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.

Stellendienst Schweiz AG coordinates both your current work assignments and the entire administrative process for obtaining the legally required residence permits. We are also happy to help you organise suitable accommodation.

Advice and support for all aspects of working and living

Employment contract / assignment contract: coordination of the work assignment

Stellendienst Schweiz AG searches for vacancies via the company’s own customer network and other information platforms. As soon as the right job has been found, we plan and coordinate the entire assignment for you free of charge.
So that we are always up to date with the generally binding
Collective labour agreements GAV and we can adapt the employment contracts/contracts of employment accordingly, we work closely with the cantonal offices for economy and labour as well as with SECO Bern and the trade unions.

Bei einer Vermittlung durch die Stellendienst Schweiz AG beantragen wir für Sie die notwendige Bewilligung B-EG/EFTA (from 1st year) or L-EC/EDF (less than one year).

Legal basis
With the entry into force of the bilateral agreement between Switzerland and the European Union EU and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) on the free movement of persons, the foreign workers concerned are largely guaranteed occupational mobility.

The main authorisations

Permanent residence permit B-EC/EDF

  • valid for 5 years, can be extended.
  • for employees with an employment contract, valid for > 1 year.
  • entitlement to family reunification.
  • geographical and occupational mobility.

Short-stay permit L-EC/EDF

  • is issued on presentation of an employment contract of less than 1 year.
  • Duration = duration of employment contract.
  • renewal/renewal of the authorisation is possible without having to leave the country.
  • entitlement to family reunification.
  • geographical and occupational mobility.

Authorisation C-EC/EDF

  • Issued after a stay of five or ten years.
  • The right of residence is unlimited and is not subject to conditions.

Interest aroused?

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